Getting to Montreal via overbooked flights

Wednesday the 11th marked the first time that Melissa and I have flown together. Being budget conscious travelers we decided to take advantage of the fact our flight was overbooked and gave up our seats for a non-direct flight via Ottawa and a $200 dollar voucher each. It would have added an extra 2 hours to us getting to Montreal but why not? We have some dinner plans but according our calculations we would still have plenty of time and we had just made $400!

If only the airplane engines worked properly. After sitting on the Tarmac for over an hour they decided that the plane was not safe to fly and our flight was cancelled. Luckily they saved the day with a pamphlet and a phone number which put us on hold while we collected our bags.

Turns out our bags didn’t want to wait and had gotten to Montreal on our original flight. Air Canada was nice enough to buy us some lunch (which we supplemented with a pitcher of beer) and after some “back and forth” we were booked for an early evening flight.

Great start to the trip!