Lima – Miraflores

It was suggested by websites and friends to have our first night in the hostel booked and to arrange shuttle service beforehand. Thank “insert higher power here” we did, we were staying with Condor’s House ( and they offered to add a shuttle pick up for an extra s 50. Getting your luggage and getting through customs always takes longer then you expect and having a guaranteed drive in to the city made this experience a lot less stressful. We landed at 9 and we had got our luggage, passed customs and were out in the swarm of taxi drivers by 10.

This experience was so overwhelming, bad English salesmen trying to get your S 55 to drive you into the city. It only took us a few minutes to find the driver looking for Michael MacWillam (Sorry Mr. MacWillam if we pouched your driver, luckily we were staying at the same place). Our driver didn’t speak very much English, but he did know how to drive this crazy city! I really am at a lost of words to describe my first impressions driving through Lima. Speed bumps seem to be used to keep people from speeding and to control merging lanes, again overwhelming, combined with some chaos, a little sleep deprivation and with just a little bit of fear to keep us on our toes all to the sounds of “Coldplay” Salsa.

View from our room, there are a lot of roundabouts in Lima

We arrived at Condor’s late in the evening and the place was really quite, we had a S 9 beer at the bar, signed the document promising not to bring any outside alcohol in (I guess the bar there needs to turn a profit) and went to bed. Shortly before our alarm went off we were awoken by a car accident in the plaza seen in the picture above. The early wake up call gave us a chance to sneak on the wifi before the rest of the hostel woke up. Not wanting to waste our day we heading for the included breakfast of bread, jam, coffee and banana’s, put our backpacks in storage and headed out to explore the Miraflores area.

The view from our room

We needed to hit up the Canadian embassy first and it was close so that was the first mission. Turns out you can register with the embassy online, Next we wandered roughly towards the water.

Melissa on the rocky shores of Miraflores

Next we walked through town to see Huaca Pucllana, and were able to join a 45 min English tour for S 12 each.

I really want to give this Lama a kiss, but he wasn't having it.

I can't believe these ruins are in the middle of a city of over 8 million

High rank guy dies, gets put in the fetal position and but in a hole with offerings, hundreds view his hole daily