My Spanish sucks, Mel’s is better in comparison, but between the two of us that is like being the tallest dwarf. So heading away from the city, where an English speaker would be hard to find, scared the crap out of us both. After an evening tour and bite to eat at “La Lucha” in Miraflores with a friend’s brother, Alvaro, we decided that we would bite the bullet and head North for a few days in Máncora. This place is pretty much a paradise. For S 85 we were able to get a private room with a loft right on the beach at http://www.delwawa.com/

Our room after throwing our crap everywhere

View from the door of our room

With a break right in front of our hotel, Máncora is pretty much a Peruvian Banff for surfers catering towards tourists, complete with a loud night life. The area had a surprisingly low “douche-bag” factor (although I’m sure if we partook in the night life my opinion would have changed). Luckily Mel and I are quite comfortable having a few beers in the afternoon with lunch and just chilling on the beach in the evening, falling sleep to the sound of the waves at night, which luckily drowned out the bass coming from the clubs just down the beach.

Squirrelly having a beer in a different hemisphere

Pilsen is about S 7 a bottle and the bigger bottle seems to be the norm.

We are both pretty stoked on this place and decided to stay a few extra days, we just need to figure out how to make it to Huaraz without having to take the 18 hour bus ride back to Lima.

Mel and I during our patio lunch.

The view from the beach chairs outside of our room

Seriously babe I love you, thanks for cleaning my underwear in the sink!