Our last day in Máncora

We decided on our second day would we take a walk around town to find a bus to Trujillo so that we could grab a connecting night bus into Huaraz, avoiding the big trip all the way back to Lima. A lot of this town is centered around the Pan American Highway and the further North we headed the less they seemed to cater to tourism and the more it started to feel “local”. We quickly discovered that only a few people spoke a little English but we managed to ask 2 reputable bus companies about trips back south and decided to go with Cruz del Sur as both were the same price (S 50 each) and we knew what to expect from them as they had gotten us this far with no issues.

Mel chilling on a bench at the edge of town

After figuring out our bus, we headed towards the market at the center of town for some window shopping. Although there was a language barrier everyone was very patient with us. Behind the Market we found a boardwalk that went over some wetlands.

Mel at the boardwalk behind the market

Boardwalk behind the market

The wetlands from the boardwalk

We were both feeling beat up from the long bus trip so we took advantage of the 8-9 am Yoga classes offered by Máncora Yoga right on the beach in front of our hotel. Our instructor Christa was an American who had come here for a visit and decided to stay. We initially thought these classes were provided by the hotel but it turns out they were S 20/person per class so we bought 2 classes each for a bit of a discount. We figured the stretch would help us out as night buses and uncomfortable beds looked to be the norm for the rest of our trip. It didn’t hurt that it was nice to speak someone else in English and get some answers from her perspective.

Máncora like most places in Peru comes with a warning. When we first arrived the girl who runs Del Wawa told us to stay away from the north side of the beach during the evenings and our yoga instructor offered similar advice. The area is notorious for muggings, robberies, and even rapes, so on the third day we headed South down the beach which you can walk for hours without any issues (other than high tide making some areas tough to pass). After the pier it is manly high end homes and resorts

The south part of the beach past the pier

This little guy played dead until Mel tried to flip him over, he jumped on his feet and kept waving hello.

$1500 each in rabies shots means we can play with the local dogs, these guys were nice enough to show us a path to cross when the tide came in.

Beach side mansion under construction.

Mel and I just before we got burnt.

We didn’t bring enough sun screen and you literally can walk for hours, so needless to say we were burnt! Our last day will be spent chilling at our hotel (who were nice enough to offer a late checkout at a cost of an additional S 30), hiding from the sun and re-packing our gear for the bus trip to Trujillo and hopefully then grabbing another overnight bus with Movil Tours to Huaraz.

Of course the 2 bus stations are across town from each other... adventure time! I think Mel and I are going to try walking it.